Sunday, October 26, 2008

The time for the old guard politics is now over and its time for president kibaki,.prime minister Raila Odinga and all the so called seasoned politicians to move out of the political scene and let other young kenyans to take positions in goverment to move kenya into a new direction.just like what is happening in america right now we need change in kenya,.....yes we can elect a young person below 50 years as the next president of kenya.kenyans should look at william ruto or mungatana or mwangi kiunjuri or kabando wa kabando or even uhuru kenyatta and vote for one of them as our next president.The kenyan people are sick and tired of the same old politics that has been used by the old guards to divide us among ethnic/religious groups and im sure the kenyan youth who costitute 70% of the kenyan electorate can say no to these nonsense and vote for a young guy to the state house.